The Garden of Eden Trail

Apalachicola River

The Garden of Eden Trail is a 3.3-mile long hiking trail located in Bristol, Florida just an hour drive from Tallahassee. This trail loops around to end where you started, but not before challenging you to hike through some pretty rugged terrain. The trail starts out with a sandhill habitat consisting of lots of open space, this area is not very exciting unless you are lucky enough to see some deer. The fun begins with the first steep descent into a massive ravine. The ravine drops into a bridge that helps you cross a brook filled with tiny frogs. Once you pass the bridge it is time to go up the other side of the ravine. Once you make it to the top and after a couple of minutes of walking it is time to drop into another ravine down a set of stone stairs. At the bottom of this ravine is another bridge, but this one crosses a steady flowing stream. Across the bridge, the trail leads back up the ravine for a steep ascent. At 1.4 miles you come across Alum Bluff, which overlooks the Apalachicola River. This is a view worth hiking for. The view is just simply amazing. If you have never seen a real river before then you absolutely have to take this hike. After the view of the river, you can either retrace your route for a 2.6 miles round-trip hike or continue along the loop for the full 3.3 miles. I strongly recommend this hiking trail. It is moderately challenging and the moments in the ravines and forest are breathtaking, not to mention there is a killer view of the Apalachicola River. If you do go on this hike wear the appropriate shoes and make sure to bring plenty of water. There are a lot of bugs so bring bug spray and sunscreen. The only word of caution I have is that you may come across wild boar in the forest. If you come across any do not panic just keep your distance and take in the moment!

Sign at the beginning of the trail.
Sign at the beginning of the trail.

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